Camp Food

A basic menu is available at PACK IN CAMP MENU.  This menu has also been used for Drive-to Camps so feel free to use it for these camps making any adjustments the Squad Leader and Cook desire.  In summary, responsibility for purchasing, storing, and packaging food for their projects will be the responsibility of the Squad Leader with assistance from the project cook.  Camp kitchen kits, coolers, cooking utensils, stoves, propane tanks, tent flys, etc., as well as tools are available for checking out of the Central Equipment Trails Cache.

Crews vary in size which obviously determines the quantity of food to be purchased.  A quantity purchasing guide is available for Squad Leaders and Cooks to use in determining how much of certain foods to purchase for their crew at Meal Food Item Quantities.

A basic guide for purchasing, packing, storing, and cooking of food for projects is in the Food for TRAMPS Projects document.  Review this before beginning to purchase and pack food for the Project.