Squad Leader Checklist

The Squad Leader Project Checklist is provided to assist the Squad Leader during the life of a project from Advance Project Planning to Post Project Actions.  In addition, the following documents are provided:

  1. TRAMPS Cache Request Checklist – Use for requesting material from the Cache in Missoula. Print, check the items requested and send, or list the items requested in an email and send to the Logistics Coordinator (Jeff Kinderman).
  2. Food for “TRAMPS” Projects — provides information for obtaining food, requesting advance or reimbursement of food expenses, food budget, and other information of general interest regarding food and cooking.
  3. Volunteer Service Agreement Instructions – Provides information for completion of the:
    1. Volunteer Service Agreement – Natural &Cultural Resources, OF301a and the associated
    2. Volunteer Sign-up Form for Groups, OF301b. Members of the project print and sign their names on this form, along with requested contact information.