TRAMPS Team Contacts

Senior Trails Program Advisor — Bob Whaley (no email)

  • Provide oversight of the Trails Program making suggestions for change and overall improvement of the program

Senior Trails Program Advisor & Past Treasurer — Chuck Fricke (frickechuck@

  • Trails Team Member and Program advisor

Operations — Dick Hulla ([email protected])

  • Overall management of operational aspects of projects thru Squad Leaders
  • Squad Leaders and cooks identified for projects
  • Provide for saw training and certifications

Finance — Bob Beckley ([email protected])

  • Account for reimbursement from agencies & other organizations
  • Advance and reimbursement of expenses to Volunteers for authorized purchases
  • Account for expenses & receivables and provide periodic financial reports to Trails Team

Logistics — Jeff Kinderman ([email protected])

  • Management of Storage Unit
  • Maintenance of tools, kitchen units, camp supplies, etc.

Project Planning — Fred Cooper ([email protected])

  • Coordinate with Squad Leaders, Agencies, & Foundations identifying out-year projects
  • Review potential projects with Trails Team and make adjustments as needed

Registration — Gene Hamner ([email protected])

  • Receive Registration Forms from volunteers
  • Notify volunteers of receipt of registration and their assignment to crew(s)
  • Prepare roster of volunteers for individual projects and share periodically with Squad Leaders and Trails Team

Annual Report & Email Chain Manager — Bob Smee ([email protected])

  • Receive project reports and photos from Squad Leaders or crew members
  • Compile Annual Report for publishing on the Trails Website.
  • Share information through a “chain email” system to all volunteers and other interested persons about the TRAMPS Program

Trails Website Administration & Project Planning — Fred Cooper ([email protected])

  • Maintain the web site
  • Make periodic updates
  • Coordinate with Squad Leaders, Agency Representatives, TRAMPS Team Members, and others in planning projects
  • Publish Annual Summary of Projects, Registration Form, and Annual Report

TRAMPS Program Advisors – Barry Hicks ([email protected]); Kim Maynard ([email protected])



  1. Hello,

    I am inquiring about how to develop a project with your group. I work for the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests as the archaeologist for the Grand Valley and Paonia Ranger Districts. I have a historic cow camp cabin and ranger station that need some rehabilitation and I am exploring potential options for volunteers etc. Any information regarding your trails program would be great.

    Thank you,

    Catie Freels

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